Douglas Brett           Paintings       Modern Life Designs                                               Jump the Golden Gate Club         oil on canvas   1980
Jump the Golden gate
Jump the golden gate club    24"x 30"

        The celebration of the ending of
                    Lifes journey
This painting was concieved in 1980
when i first moved to san francisco 
and i heard on the news something
about the 1000th jumper off the 
most famous bridge for suicide in the
world.  This piece was born, but first 
before that i did another painting
in 1977 called "Jump George" 
shown below  that was my first jump
painting about my new beginning, I
graduated from college in 1977.  I was 
embarking on a new journey of life.
Jumping into the city. 
then 3 years later the inspiration came
living in san francisco for a year or so 
coming up with an ending life scenario. 
a beginning and an ending.  my work 
has always been about the celebration
of life. but for some reason I came up
with this concept done in a primitive 
and a naive way of a jumping figure into 
the bay.  I thought it was a good graphic
a pretty image albeit a darker side of the 
human condition.  i was a young man 
of 25  kind of a wise guy. i thought it was 
kind of funny, sad but a fun depiction 
of a desperate situation.  it was my own 
personal piece of lifes observation.
Then one day i entered this silly little 
picture in the first annual competition
of the Sausalito Art festival  American Icon
And it won an honorable mention, no 
money award or anything, rather i felt
just a joke, artists making pretty pictures 
of the golden gate bridge kind of boring
if you ask me, but hey ya never know 
what someone will come up with.  To tell
the truth i was never even going to 
enter this painting into the contest, I was 
to lazy,it needed a touch up, why bother,
but, oh my girlfriend
kept bugging me, "oh you got to enter
this ,it's an important piece" yea yea yea
like who cares.  so a long story short
I entered it paid my 20 bucks.  what 
happens i win this insignificant honorable 
mention , oh great big deal no money
I figure well if I enter this piece, the rules
say that it will get internet exposure to 
all entrants, well 20 bucks a little extra
exposure okay I am good with that.
to be continued...
This is a link to the TV spot of me and the 
Sausalito representative and also the 
Independant Journal Article

        24x30"  g
Jump George
Jump George the celebration of 
the beginning of lifes journey
jumping into the city life 1977

Douglas brett gallery
1738 polk st 
san francisco