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Welcome to the Douglas Brett Painting Collection

You will find an array of interestings ideas from my youth thru the maturation process to adulthood if there is such a thing.  This is a journey for both you and me we will discover the deepest secrets of the universe thru my artworks as we examine with deep psychological implications of the works before you. Sit back in your chair, relax and enjoy the art show.  If you like the work Commissions are welcome as well as these original works along with prints of any size. These are basicly surrealist works, done as automatic drawings similar to Paul Klee and Joan Miro. Whereas I have created my own style and approach to the different issues that I have experienced thru out my life as a contemporary and modern artist.  I have discovered a simple technique that unfolds unlimited creative ideas, one has just to study and look deep into the drawing process and pull out the ideas that are relevant to the situation in ones life. These are my stories explored thru color and line about my hopes and dreams and life experiences disguised in the forms before you .

E T  oil on canvas 24"x30"
Oil on canvas 
24" x 30"

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2011 Works on canvas 

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These images come from my drawings, when painted are embellish with color and begin to take solid form and the story begins there. All my artworks come from these drawing-paintings the sculpture which is my main focus as an artist evolve from these images, the graphic works have an appeal for there is a simlicity and naivety in the works yet there is that narrative quality that will keep you coming back as you wander thru the pictorial plane. I would also like to mention that the beginning gallery pages start at the beginning of my career as an artist in college from 1976-1977 when I graduate school where as I had first discovered my wings or should I say my vision started to gel into an individualized conception of what my life would be about as an artist and the journey that it would take me on as an inquisitive soul.

Thank you for indulging me, I sincerely hope you enjoy my work and believe in my vision with your generous support

Douglas Brett