Douglas Brett

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                                                     Douglas Brett   Modern Life Designs
                             attempts to ignite inspiration with charm and humor in everyday life. 
                     With an eye for quality workmanship and modern classical design. We create 
                   contemporary images of modern life that arouse your thoughts and sensibilities
                                                              that seek originality of design
                                                                 feel good to be around 
                                                           and instill that sense of wonder
Douglas Brett
Modern Life Designs
  1738 Polk St
      San Francisco, CA 94109 
Store Hours:   Tues - Sat 11:00 - 7:00
Sundays & Mondays :
           by appointment   please call
                           All Designs Copyrighted © All Rights Reserved

                                                         Douglas Brett    Modern Life Designs

                           No Reproductions in any medium without the expressed written permission

                                   All Commissions and Custom Work of any kind gratefully considered
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