Douglas Brett     Modern Life Designs   Bronze

Welcome to the Sculpture Collection of original bronzes by Douglas Brett

Doug himself doug

 Hello, Thanks for visiting my collection
I hope you find it amusing and as much fun
as i have creating these iconoclastic 
I want to thank everyone 
 out there in the world 
who has supported my vision
to create this fantastic
new world order
of the 
modern classical bronze age 

i also want to announce my lastest collection
year 2008
"Fish on Parade" 
gallery page 13doug with fish on parade
                                   You will find an array of curious abstract figurative art that is pleasing to 
                                        the eye as well as stimulating to the mind that will have you coming 
                                          back for more. You are Welcome to visit our Gallery Studio in SF 
                                                         Douglas Brett  Modern  Life Designs  
                                                                       1738 Polk  Street     
                                                                 San Francisco, CA. 94109 

                                  I  am available for commissions of any size to suit your budget wheather 
                                            it is public art, larger then life itself or a simple 15" sculpture 
                                                                            for the home or office
                                    My work is the perfect compliment to any enviroment for it celebrates the 
                                                life of the living and all the higher ideals humanity has to offer. 
                                              My work offers a dream of aspirations and inspirations away from 
                                                       the modern trends of sarcasm,cynicism and nihilism

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                                                                             We accept most major credit cards
                                            and we do accept Paypal (go to contact section Click PayPal button)
                                                                                        prices upon request
                                                          The perfect gift for the individual or corporate client
                                                                          Trophies and or Incentive awards 
                                                                     are available in any quanities for your 
                                                                                        Special Events
                                                        There is nothing like a beautiful bronze from my collection
                                                           Something  totally unique and thoughtful