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Cat Sculptures

Cats the backs
 These are Kathy's 
sculptured cats
made of bronze
with a light golden patina
A perfect gift for the cat 
lover, a small little something
beautify sculptured with a love
for detail,  
Listed from left to right

Looking Back Cat 1.5"H
Turning cat  1.5"H
Egyptian cat  2.25"H
Munchie cat 1.5"H

these are all priced at 
$60. each

they are also available 
as a set mounted on a 
black granite base
as shown for  $300.

prices subject to change

These are also available in 
sterling silver. 
not shown yet

the Munchie and Turning cat
are available in bronze and 
silver as pins and pendants

prices subject to change
for questions call 415.441.7118
or email 

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