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We ship on approval with proper credit information for people who are familiar with my work and are thinking of adding a new piece to their collection

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Sculpture Collection

All Sculptures featured are Bronze

We claim the sculptures will last 10,000 years under normal wear the patinas may change over time outside, indoors the patinas should last for many many years with a yearly waxing.

As An Emerging Artist my sculptures are Value Priced, they use extreme amounts of energy, natural gas as well as electricity, not to forget many hours of human labor. They are made here in California a local product. You will find for the Quality and Originality these are excellent values. There is a lot of excitement starting to happen for my work.  My collector base is growing day by day so don't delay.

Depending on inventory some sculptures available at point of purchase, others will be 6 to 8 to 10 weeks generally. For the holidays order early and order often. A 1/3 to 1/2 Deposit is required, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

I have a easy lay a way plan also, you design your payment plan, whatever you can afford per month $50 -$100 -? I try to work with anyone who is interested in my work, it is important that all people who would not otherwise enjoy the beauty and splender of this art get a chance to experience the magic and scintillation it brings to the enviroment and the soul of human conciousness.

My edition numbers are such that these will not be so exclusive as to creating an atmosphere of elitism which is against all laws of the universal principle of Love. The Gods have blessed me with keen insite into the creative process and one must respect certain laws of the cosmos.

Custom orders may take 6-12 months to create depending on size and complexity

Patinas can be changed to suit a clients particular needs upon request

Public Art Commissions upon request


Jewelry Collection

All our Fine Jewelry is of the highest Quality, wheather using gold - silver - platinium                    The gems we use are hand selected with our discriminating eye for color and crystalline quality which is the magical essense the particular gem exudes.                                   We do not use synthetic gems in any of our designs. Some Gems may have some treatments or enhancement that are permanent like heating to a high tempature to burn out secondary colors or other natural elements to improve a gemstone appearence,     for example Ruby and Saphire are generally heated at the mines which has been done for thousands of years

We will disclose any enhancements of our gems like Blue Topaz or Blue Diamonds that are irradiated to create the beautiful gems we use in our designs. The gems we sell will always be a fair value for that particular gem in any of our designs

We give a one year guarantee on our workmanship unless the jewelry is abused like doing your gardening, moving furniture, Active athletic activities or other acts not condusive to wearing and protecting a piece of fine jewelry. The jewelry is made like the sculpture

We do custom designs and remodel your jewelry that doesn't work for you

We do some limited jewelry repair

All our designs are copyrighted and original by Douglas Brett and Kathy Donohue-Brett

We do spend many hours searching and painstakingly selecting gems from all over the world. We invest much money and energy and love into these noble materials, in order to create artistic works that follow our vision of the universe. Whatever that may be  


Paintings Collection


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ServicesPolicy Contact Us


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