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Philosophy and the Changing Times

That is the Question? What do we do here at Modern Life Designs? What are we all about?

Making Art


For People

We are all


Walking Harts


The story Begins

By Douglas Brett

We are all walking Harts this scuplture says it all very simpley and succinctly, I had a dream of our essence One big Hart all walking around maybe running around more like it. It also being a pair of subjective lips, what comes from our lips the way we speak should be from the hart, so we have the connection between the lips and the hart, speaking hart

I the walking hart

speakest from my hart

sometime I forget

and sorrows arrows

I am weak,for I am a simple Man

I only hurt myself

I must stand tall

Like the Etruscan Figure

and guard against

the Passions that overcome my intellect

My hart flows Red

with an iron will

the flame of life

drums beating


no silence

the first emation, a star is born

the light of dawn

triangles of time

The Flight of the Dove

which speakest of Love

a sentimental story


for I wallow

in a pool with salt filed emotions

of Lost Love

I must move on

and must wave a hello or a wave goodbye

My Hand that creatith the visions of Hope and Love

seems to keep me in a spell

locked like Two Lovers

intertwined like DNA

I am you, you are me.


I woke up

this morning

and I held my head

from the shock of daylight

streaming into my eyes

the surreality of it all

laughter of a cube

what is it?

A figure awoke

in my mind I saw myself

A clown on Long Leggs

Daddy Long Leggs

I look aimlessly

into space

standing there

into space

I think to hard

I morphed into another form before my eyes

Tumbling as a pinwheel

action is what was needed

movement away from my inertia

the day was beginning

I was programmed to work

to create

butterflys danced

all around

robust was the morning thoughts

I had to make bloom my flowers

nature spirits surrounded my conciousness

the Dancing leaf


leaves of green

the cellular movement of life filled my veins

photosynthesis entered thru my solarplexas

and the spleen

turned white light to a soft rose

I took a deep breath

as the life forces of the cosmos

filled me like

a futuristic runner

four comets in unison

on my way

the day begun


out the door

like a hot air balloon

another butterfly

a voluminous floating butterfly

fliting about

rising to the occasion

with joy in my hart

I wanted to practice


Tai Chi

to meditate

to slow down

to take a moment

be at peace with myself

but the body electric

was to strong

I had already begun to scintilate

no coffee could replicate

I passed a shrine

of jumpin fisheys

or were they tadpoles

the aligators were swimming

in their pool

I needed some comic relief

something creative

something imaginative

my personal champion

popped up

he would not fail me

yes to inspire

to run with a vision

to dance like the wind

to let the curves run thru my hair

and my bottom to sway

with the beat

it was running late

what was I to do

I had to grab a warm coat

it was a cold world outside

I bent over to touch my toes

a little stretch is what was needed

I tried as I may

but oh


a different stretch that was needed

well then

a decision had to be made

to flex a little muscle

was that a manly enought flex

the morning was disappearing fast

what had been done

had i been useless

practicing vanity again

I had to dig deep into my subconcious

to pull the shamans

from my demons

to grab the bull by the horns

to take flight like the ravens

I had to ground myself

snake-like and star-like

at the same time

to be physically bound by the earth

yet powerful enough

to associate with the sky

astrology all around me

i needed a rush

the blood running to my head

a shoulder stand


soon overtook my conciousness

when I awoke

out popped a character from my passed

was it a viking or a moose

bully for you

mr. peabody walking

in technicolor

cartoons all around

what is going on here



to be continued




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