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  Bronze Single fish collection
Bronze Medals.Amulets.Talismans
fish silver collection
all Pendant fish 
come with a leather cord
for bronze or silver 

 for a more tailored look
an antiqued or blackened 
silver chain is available for
the bronze
an extra charge will apply
also for the silver Pendant
fish a silver chain is also

Bronze Pendants Fish
a special holiday sale 
of $60. normaly 75.

these fish are double 
sided sculptureal

also available are 
single sided pendants
lite weight for someone 
who does not
want a heavier medal 
 for $45. 
comes with leather cord 

this bronze is 95% copper alloy
like my larger bronze sculptures

custom creations are also
email or call for service 
These are my single fish above
they are all solid bronze.  fairly
heavy, designed on both sides
like a sculpture, they are available
welded together in any configuration
design your very own amulet.
that much more energizing.
on sale for $75. comes with a leather
cord. or purchase a blackened 
silver chain 
my personal favorite the 
feather fish & menorah fish
the hart fish is a popular piece
we all love - love 
send me an email:
let me know what you think
always interested in any comments

This is my latest work   2009 - 2010    Bronze Geometric Forms of fish 
creating some very exciting shapes in the Medallions-Amulets-Talismanic Traditions.  
Fish are a very good symbol to have around they bring abundance these generally 
come with a leather cord or a blackened silver chain, these are very powerful in their 
abstraction and fantastical patterns, they glow in the sun. I have designed these with
ancient cultures in mind. most likely Summarian-Babylonian early bibilical times,
 where the cults of many Gods ruled the times, the Goddess was the faith and religion 
that ruled humanity, where it is thought the written  word  and the beginning of 
documented history began for the western world. the arts flourished. It seems to me 
most of my work comes from this ancient period in time. when the change over from 
the Matriarch (the Goddess) to the Patriarch (The Father). I find it very curious all these 
images I created. I discovered the "Star Snake Charm" or should I say I made it up, but 
really,  again a curious and mysterious creation, like the fish curious and mysterious 
also.  Their patterns , the geometrics, the energy fields, the tricks to the eye as one gazes
upon these images, they seem so universal and cosmic in origin. I just make this stuff
then have to research what this is about, it has been a life long pursuit and gets deeper
the more I do it, wheather I want to go there or not.  So this is my path to discover some
historical and aligorical truths.  Yet create beauty in a weird way, it always seems to me 
to be a little off kilter, never right on.  Perfection is not what this is about, it is about 
wrapping the mind around these images, you know like when watching a great movie
you never want it to end, you are sucked in, and you bask in some altered state of glory
and elation, you feel it in your stomach I think, it doesn't happen often, but when it does
WoW its a good feeling.  Music does the same thing the highest form of art, that is why 
it is a very difficult profession.
I have found the fish to be an interesting journey for me, people are either attracted to 
them or say hey I am not into fish.  It is funny to me that most people can only see the
literal aspect to the design and cannot get passed the concept of fish, which is a real
shame because it is not just about the illusion of fish, it is deeper much deeper, it goes 
back to the beginning of the human manifestation, when humanity was in its Atlantian
stage or Water state of being, same with the starsnake the waterstate, the mermaid 
mythology gives us a hint from those times.  I think Rudolf Steiner mentions that onehalf
was in the open air, our mind and lungs the upper torso, and the lower half was still 
hidden and underwater, it is one reason that people are generally scared of snakes, 
it reminds us deep down in the core of our being that ancient state of being, we were
snake-like. So this is where this art comes from the deep archetype.  We must confront
our demons so to speak to get past them.  That is my job as an artist, to dig down into 
beginnings of time, not unlike the Shamans or Hierophants that show you the door.
One just has to do the work, to go through the door if they dare.  These are the sacred
images that embody this concept that bring protection, prosperity, fertility, wisdom,
love,  whatever one seeks while we exsist on this terrestrial plane.  Everyone has their
chosen path, these are my gifts to you, to remind us of our beginnings and to help us 
navigate the sometimes treacherous path back to the seed kernal of the beginning 
of time among the stars shinning above.  "Go forth an multiply" some God said and fish 
are that great symbol, of prosperity. So now you know everyone better have one of 
these today. The good life is just around the corner. Your protective talisman that I 
infuse with great healing and lifeforce is yours for a nominal fee.  If you are in real need
of this amulet or any of my more esoteric designs, I will work with your budget as best
I can.  We all sometimes need a psychological boost, to get us motivated. 

Silver Fish

available in 18k and 14k Yellow  White and Rose Gold       Platinum        Sterling Silver    
 douglas brett
modern life designs
1738 polk street
san francisco,ca.94109

 prices subject to change at any time depending on market conditions 
updated 01.24.2010
we accept     cash   check   visa   mastercard   amx    discover   and   paypal              


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