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I LoveU Collection


           Available in 18k and 14k Yellow  White and Rose Gold       Platinum        Sterling Silver     and     Bronze
                                        Pendants   Necklices   Pins   Earrings  Rings  Cufflinks 
                              Custom Design your very own special "I Love You Figure" with the Gems of your choice
                                                       and the pricepoint that will work for you
                                                  a perfect gift for all the family, friends and lovers
                                                                 in Bronze from 30.

                                                  for info and or  purchase  go to contact section  
                                                  you can pay by credit card by phone or PayPal
                                                                    check and cash too
                                        prices subject to change at any time depending on market conditions 
Large size 1 3/8"H x 1"W (35mm x 25mm)            Small size   1"H x 3/4"W (25mm x 19mm)


This Design one of the few new pieces I have done in 2005 
This is a breakthru piece in the 25 years as a jewelry artist
it has a magic and universality that I have alway striven for
The beauty of this design is its shear simplisity 
from a distance it is abstract and textural
up close its I Love You
The Large size   "I Love You Figure"  
is an upfront piece that will definitly
Call out in a subtle way from across the room
ones great Love for all to know 
the small version  is a great everyday size  for work and play 
that is more of a personal size
 a good earring and cufflink size
 and a very interesting ring
with a Heavy Gents Version and a simple Ladies style
Another beauty of this original design is
it is tasteful with an offbeat flair 
fun and a curious 
that does not pander to commerciality
this is a real concept piece
it is thoughtful
that the jewelry industry should take note 
decadence does not have to be ostentatious
 just pretty design
As a sculptor
I have always approached my work
looking for some meaning in every action I do
maybe I am to serious
i just can't help myself
So with Great Love 
The "I Love You Figure  Sculptured Concept"
Order one Today
A Gift that will go a long way

Large and Small "I Love You Figure"

 Yellow  White or Rose  Gold  Plain no gems
      Lg. and Sm.     Pendants, Necklices
               "I Love You Figure"
18k  Large    Pendant    retail     1800.
18k Large LiteWeight pendant    1100.
                  pendant chain from  300.
          add pin back to pendant   150.

18k  Large    Necklice    retail    2100.

14k Large  Pendant        retail   1100.
14k Large  LiteWeight Pendant   650
                pendant chain from    200.
         add pin back to pendant   150.
14k Large  Necklice        retail   1350.

14k Sm.  Necklice        
18k Small Pendant          retail   795.
                pendant chain from     125.
          add pin back to pendant   100                          .
 18k Sm. LiteWeight pendant     550.                .

14k Small Pendant           retail   565.
14k Sm. LiteWeight pendant       365.                                       .
                  pendant chain from     125.
             add pin back to pendant   100.

Earrings  14k with post      retail     call.
Cufflinks  14k with swivel back    retail  .
.Sterling Silver and Bronze Below

prices subject to change
gm750. 10.13.07

Large      I Love You Necklice  
          Chain is sodered to design

Small      I Love You Pendant   
                  Chain is separate
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Large "I Love You Figure"

18K Ruby and Diamond
"I Love You Figure"

Pendant and or Pin
Large size 
1 3/8"H x 1"W  (3.5cm x 2.5cm) 
with Fine Red Rubies
Ruby Total Wt.      0.85ct
Diamond Total Wt.  0.34ct
weights may vary from piece to piece

18k Gold  
Retail  4575.
with Pin Back add    200.

14k Yellow or White Gold
Retail   3650.
with Pin Back add     200.

Customized to suit your particular needs
and your budget
call or email for availability
This is a beautiful and Original
Piece of art to wear
Large Size 


                         Contact Us
14k white gold
 "I Love You Figure" Pendant
  Fine Blue Saphires and Diamonds

Pricing same as above as Rubies

Emeralds and any other gems
price on request

prices subject to change


Small "I Love You Figure"

Small Size  
 1"H x 3/4"W  (25mm x 18.7mm)
Pendant and or Pin) 
with Fine Red Rubies
or Fine Blue Saphires
          Ruby Total Wt.      0.49ct
         Diamond Total Wt.  0.17ct
 weights may vary from piece to piece

18k   Sm Pendant
small         retail   1825.
pendant chain from 150.

14k Sm Pendant retail  1640.
         pendant chain from  150.

earrings and cufflinks 
price on request

prices subject to change

Detail of sm I Love You Figure Pendant

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Sterling Silver and Bronze

Sterling Silver and  Bronze
Small and Large Pendant
Comes with a Black Satin Cord

Small   1"H            I Love You Figure    75.
    Large  1 3/8"H     I Love You Figure     110.


Small  1"H             I Love You Figure      30.
  Large  1 3/8"H     I Love You Figure      60.

with Pin Back  add      25.
Great Gifts at 30. and 60. apiece
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ServicesPolicy Contact Us
To order go to contact section     Use paypal        California add 8.5% sales tax        Shipping from   6. and up
prices subject to change at anytime due to market fluctuations
1738 polk st @washington  san francisco, ca 94109
1-800-304-2029        1-415-441-7118

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