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Ribbon Hart Figure Collection
   Ribbon Hart 
 Pendants & Pins

This new design was
first done as a 
request for a special
client and friend
who is a cancer 
survivor. This    
 is a beautiful 
sculptural piece 
using the symbol
of the popular ribbon,
making a ribbon as a
figure with a hart in the 
center, a unique 
concept. soon to be 
made with a gem 
of your choice in the
 center. This new
Available in
Gold - Silver - Bronze -Platinium
    Small Ribbon Hart Figure 1"H  (2.5cm) 
         Large                    1.375"H (3.4cm)
design made as an awareness piece
for any occasion by addition of a colored
gem, also has a fish quality, and 
may be suitable as a symbol of the 
Christ as a fisher of people for the faithful
This is just another sample of the manifold
qualities my work takes on, its many
different unintendid references that can be
projected into this work
you may see something new let me know
your thoughts.   thanks doug


           Available in 18k and 14k Yellow  White and Rose Gold       Platinum        Sterling Silver

Ribbon Hart Collection
        Left to Right     bronze -silver- 18k -14k 
  Small Ribbon Hart Figure 1"H  (2.5cm) 
         Large                    1.375"H (3.4cm)  
 Available in
Gold - Silver - Bronze -Platinium

14k gold  sm  450.  call for sale price
18k gold  sm  745.  call for sale price
14k Lg. gold        925.    call for sale price
18k Lg         call
Platinium      call  

    Sm. Bronze       30.    
 Lg. Bronze        60.

Sm. Silver       75.
Lg. Silver       110.
 for pins add   20.00
      Platinium  price on request

            Comes with a black leather cord  or if you would like a chain
          from 10.00 and up    we oxidize black, a silver chain for bronze
           call or email for Quote
   gold chains from 125. and up
         California Residence  sales tax   x 8.5%
         shipping in USA                 10.00

Organization welcome to call for special pricing

 If you would like personal service please give a call
    for info and or  purchase  go to contact section  
  you can pay by credit card, by phone or PayPal(best)
  check and cash too
prices subject to change at any time depending on market conditions 
                                 updated 05.05.07
we accept     cash   check   visa   mastercard   amx    discover   and   paypal              
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