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Large size 1 1/2"W (40mm)
Small size 1 1/8"W (29mm)
           Available in 18k and 14k Yellow  White and Rose Gold       Platinum        Sterling Silver     and     Bronze
a perfect gift for all the family, friends and anyone
 that loves an interesting and fun piece with a little mysticism
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    in Bronze from $30.

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Large size    1 1/2"W (40mm)                   Small size   1 1/8"W (29mm)


                                   The Story and Legend of the Star Snake
A simple design of unique and sublime beauty. 
Uniting for the first time in one symbolic image, 
the concept of humanity’s fall to earth through 
knowledge and the spiral path back through wisdom
 to the stars (heavens) our true home among the gods.
From the first religion of humanity the 
Goddess Mother Earth the lowly snake became
its symbol, it crawled along the ground, it is one
long alimentary canal,a digestive tract. We must 
eat to live thus the fertility of life.
Sumerian -Babylonian Mythology
(The Goddess Astarte- Ashtoreth, 
Queen of the Stars) the mother of all souls 
in heaven. The Moon surrounded by her 
star-children, whom she gave their "Astral"
starry bodies.  The Goddess cultures from
Inanna, Ashteroth, Isis, Kali, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, 
The Blessed Virgin Mary. Which we celebrate each December 25th,      
The birth of the Christ.
Many cultures and mythologies adopted the idea 
of Death, Rebirth and the Resurrection of the Soul
for the Snake molts its skin and is reborn anew
each time. The Egyptian mysteries and 
mythologies personifies this concept
Biblical mythology the serpent (Lucifer) gave Eve permission 
to eat from the Tree of Life (Knowledge) thereby the Fall from Eden          
  (Heaven). The snake was the tempter who gave humanity 
the ability for free will to choose its own path, and thru          
great wisdom and love we must find our way.
  Back to the Kingdom of the heavens our
  true spiritual home the early Christians were called the 
  Lucifers (Giver of Light) The snake a symbol of Knowledge
  and Wisdom and the Christ said “Be wise like Serpents 
  and harmless as Doves.”
This design is based on a triangle pattern reminding us of the trinity
the pyramid and the fire symbol. It is a spiral form for life is not circular.
A circle repeats itself a spiral is a progression. As we move along the
evolutionary path back to the higher worlds spiritualizing physical matter
  The StarSnake contains an abstract pentagram (Christian symbol)
 and a hexagram (Jewish symbol- Star of David)
  It is also a 9 pointed star ( Bahai symbol of the 9 great religions of the world) 
  Numerologically the 9 is the highest, and most advanced number on the spiritual path.
  It has 10 lines a number associated with string theory, a scientific concept
  that unites all things in the universe.
 The Star itself a Heavenly body. As the Hermetic Law states
 "As Above So Below" the Union of the Heavens and Earth as all encompassing
 Star and Snake a new and modern interpretation of the cosmic ideal
 Using ancient symbolism as a metaphor to remind us of the quest to the higher self. 
A perfect symbol for anyone on a spiritual path that will inspire the bearer
to have great luck, beauty, hope and most importantly love to their lives.
Thank you             Douglas Brett
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Large and Small "Star Snakes"

  "Star Snake Pendants"
Shown:  Small size  1 1/8"W (29mm)
18k Pendant      $ .on request

14K     price on request               .
   comes with a leather cord
   available with 
a gold ring for chain add   20.

Sterling Silver        75.

Bronze                  30.

         silver and bronze 
with ring for a chain add 10.
custom work on request

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enlarged detail
Large size  Star Snake 1 1/2"W (40mm) 
14k    price on request                      .

Sterling Silver              145.
Bronze                         60.

           comes with leather cord
 available with ring to hang with a chain
custom work on request

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Star Snakes with Gems"

Small and Large 

Pendant and or Pin
Large size and small
with various gems
shown: Bronze

general pricing   
 reddish garnet  and blue topaz   
small   from   95.

large    from  135.

birthstones or any other gems 
available  prices on request

custom work on request
Large Size                                       Bronze

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Sterling Silver  
Star Snake with gems

small  with blue topaz     145.
               green topaz     155.

large  with blue topaz       225.

custom work on request


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prices subject to change at any time depending on market conditions

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