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Douglas graduated from Tyler School of Art, Temple University 1977 with a BFA in Sculpture. After graduation went to Vail, Colorado and learned the rudiments of making jewelry at a local goldsmith shop. 1978 moved to San Francisco.
In 1980 started a company Modern Life Designs, to showcase his collection of Jewelry. Where he sold his original collection to various fine jewelry retail stores here and nationally, along with custom design work with a private clientele.
In 1982 he opened a retail gallery along with his wife Kathy on Post St. downtown San Francisco where he combined a sculpture studio and a retail jewelry salon, featuring his eclectic collection of art for the past 25 years.  In 2004, Doug’s wife passed on to the higher worlds.  In 2006, he outgrew his gallery, creating over 125 unique bronze sculptures, moved to a more spacious location on the west side of Nob Hill on PolK St. in San Francisco, where he is now able to display, and continue to create his eclectic inspirations of modern art. 
As an abstract figurative sculptor, he uses his expert skills as a jeweler to create a beautiful and aerodynamic art, developing the hand and eye coordination along with the thought processes needed to create original ideas. Since 1999 he is currently a full time sculptor working with galleries, his work can be found in many private collections nationally and internationally, and also living with and becoming a part of many families.
Douglas work draws inspiration from the classic modern artists of the early 20th century Parisian School of Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism. Artist like the inventors of Cubism, Picasso and Braque as well as the Sculptors: Henri Laurens, Giacometti, Brancusi, Archipenko, Arp , and many others of that time period.
The sculptures also have a 1950's Minimalist approach to form and volume, beautiful and sinewy with a touch of humor that evokes Pop Art as well as the naivety of the Folk and the Primitive Arts. Creating a sophisticated and timeless look with the psychological underpinnings of Jungian archetypal images. .
Simple, Subtle, Bold ,Dramatic , Imaginative and Inspirational
These are the ways I would like to describe my work
The sculptures at first glance appear to be simple block-like human or animal forms, primordial beings so to speak. Their bold shapes belie the subtle aspects of the sculpture, subtle in the fact that the stories are quiet and hidden below the surface; such that it will take time to unravel the threads that tie them together. Bold in that these are powerful images that demand attention and have a strong scintillating vibration. They are not shy and they are not overpowering either. I like to think of them as strong characters. I have created these images based on modern principles of sculpture using soft geometric shapes, solid forms with rhythm, fluidity and balance. Careful consideration of the positive and negative space encompassing each artwork gives the sculpture its powerful presence. Each definitive line and contour sculpts the air.
My work is a celebration of life, bubbling with the fire of heart-felt enthusiasm and infectious smiles. The goal of my art is to open the doors of imagination to our higher potential on this planet Earth. I think of these images as guardian spirits that welcome and protect us, adding warmth, beauty and love to our lives.
Douglas Brett