Douglas Brett     Bronze      Modern LifeDesigns   

Balancing Act      © 2003      29"H x 10"W x 4"D          Edition 100   





The Balancing Act                                           A new sculpture made in 2003, I suppose with the turmoil in my life, my wife very ill   at the time, I drew a design representing the delicate balance that I needed to sustain my composure to keep going.  This is a marching, moving forward piece  This sculpture captures an energetic and a dynamic feeling, This is a circus piece, why do artist do clowns and harlequins for that matter why do cultures new and old do masks and dance behind them?  Another concept I wanted to explore was the balancing of solid basic shapes, Brancusi who experimented with these forms creating energy patterns as design and simple basic shapes for meditation, I chose the figure as my starting point so I needed to use these forms figuratively.

 A total of 7 forms, 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top as the two opposing forces in rapose plus 1, the head.  The excitement here is the fulcrum point, the lozenge shape against the pyramid yet my favorite is the "S" form, the arms, a muscle man he is strong , this piece just keeps on rising higher, there is somthing about the verticality of this piece, it is an odd thing a deliciously feeling for me. Even though this is a 29" sculpture you would want to see it larger overwhelming the senses, inspiring an awe, thus changing our perception, maybe experiencing the feeling of the sublime because you cannot explain this feeling . This piece is full of surrealism right out of a Magritte painting, maybe Ernst a little too, but a configuration unique to itself, these are different times so the energy and excitement of the time are infused, a good piece of art captures a frozen scintillating moment yet is alive with the power of the universe harnessed for all to see consciously and unconsciously for those who do not have eyes or ears to see this deeper side of lifes forces, yet feel it awe.  The balancing act a soft geometric study seeking a harmony of sorts it has a musical sense you can see the notes go bye, the song I wonder about, there is a medieval quality a primitivness that this sculpture contains, I think the more one gazes upon this sculpture, the doors to the unconsciousness open up, new thoughts and ideas overflow.  There is something so very common here but it feels good, this is definitely a feel good piece of art you want to smile you want to wonder you want it to move forward but its stuck in time an illusion of motion.  A Classic piece of Modern Art for the 21st century mind if you have the imagination I can build it any size to suit your needs but beware this will create a lot of buzz, it will be a destination people will seek, the joy and love for life is to strong in this sculpture. The power of the universe yours to behold.             Thank you     Douglas Brett

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