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The Famous Buc Rogers Aligator SR.       2001           52"L x 11"W x 9"H            edition 150





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In the 1950's the Space Hero Buc Rogers was a big TV star. The title of this sculpture is where it came from because I thought after I conceived this reptile that it had a 50's kind of feel and also was like a spaceship in design so therefore Buc Rogers Alligator came to be. This is truly a very unique character of my collection. Original concept dates back to 1982 but was recently executed in a larger format in 2001. This being a serious sculpture is a very happy guy you can see its humorous smile, based on two parallel,         two by fours at your local lumberyard . and also influenced probably by the dinosaurs of those old black and white movies godzilla and such. Anyway this is definitely a phantom from childhood. It is a rare piece it has a magic to its smile, its actually has its own aura, as an dead elemental metal the bronze comes to life, this is a rare things and as Art or the Art of Sculpture is concerned that is what we as humans look for in the higher quest of the self.  To be reminded of our potential for the majesty of the human spirit and soul, to soar with the eagle so to speak. My voice as an Artist wants to sing this gospel as dissonant as it may be in Contemporary Modern Art Trends of Sarcasm and Nihilism and Alienation My work is about today, in the moment, yet exploring this unearthly deeper self, living a life of experiences on this amazing physical planet where chaos rules, where the Power of Love and the Laws of Love and Creativity does not reign yet, but will in the distant future. So we have"Buc" the Master Alligator devouring our sorrows, anger and hate leaving only the tidbits of love, the seeds of renewal. See for yourself

Douglas Brett


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