Douglas Brett  Bronze   ModernLifeDesigns  
                                                       The Cyclist      ©    2007     9"H x  12"W x 3"D     Edition   250
The Cyclist


The Cyclist

The Cyclist sculpture a seemingly simple piece, Two wheels and the figure 
connecting the wheels with the handlebars and arms as one.  
when we look at this sculpture it is curious, because below is another figure
the wheels as a figure, a psychological study of submission and 
dominance, quid pro quo, two people ,we all need each other 
yin and yang. one wonders where I get this stuff
maybe its not that deep, i just make this stuff up, entertainment for a feeble mind
actually I have a scooter 
my trusty wheels about town
this is me scooting around 
one can see its movement, the forward motion it exudes
whatever this piece makes you think 
wheather its a bicycle speeding along
or a motorcyclist
psychological drama
its another conceptual multilayered piece
that will give a pause for thought
with a wink and a smile 

 Douglas Brett 
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