Douglas Brett           Bronze        Modern Life Designs                                                 Don Quixote          27.5"H x8.25"W x 5.75"D             1999            Edition 75





Don Quixote

A Drifter a dreamer a visionary a man who is walking thru life with a hat over his eyes. Where am I going  I ask myself, where am I going, why do I have to ask myself this question?  Don is me at 1983 ish, myself imposed Naive period or should I say Folk period. Age 28, I guess it takes awhile to figure things out though, I haven't got a whole lot closer to that answer.  I know Don Quixote is a Christ-Like Figure, the cross shape as part of the head, the meaning was serendipitous on my part as I was designing a simple figure. Don is what you will just another character drifting thru life, a movement in time looking for answers nowhere to be found but inside innerspace in dreamtime.

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