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 Fish Medallion,Talisman, Amulets  Assemblages            ©    2009      
           Fish medal talisman amulets collection
Below individual pieces  soon to click on for more details
Menorah Fish Medal
Menorah Fish Medal
3.5"x 3.5"   © 2009
Aztec medal
Aztec Fish Medal 
3" x 3"  © 2009
Viking boat Fish Cross  
Vikink Boat Fish Cross Medal
4"x 4"    © 2009
Puffer fish medal
Puffer Fish Medal
3" x 3"  © 2009
Feather Fish medal
Feather Fish Medal   
3"x 3"   © 2009
Lady PacMan fish medal
Lady PacMan Fish Medal
2.5" x 2.5"    © 2009
Love fish medal 
Love Fish Medal
2.75" x 2.75"  © 2009

flame fish medal bronze
Flame Fish Medal  
Hart fish medal
Hart Fish Medal  
MoHawk Fish Medal
MoHawk Fish Medal
Bearded fish medal
Bearded Fish Medal
Chanel fish medal
Chanel Fish Medal
Diamond form fish medal
Diamond Form Fish Medal
the fish medals generally run 
$250. to 300.
come with knotted leather cord

order yours today 
price subject to change

i ship international, world wide that is
email for S & H cost

custom collections available
these are all handmade 

rush orders available for a extra charge
call for availability 
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