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Hart Collection..."A Love Celebration"  

Walking Hart Lg


Jester of Harts

Hart Face

lounging Hart

Peek a Boo Harts

Hart Satyr

Figure w/Hart Hands

Love and sucess
Munchkins    (new piece)

I Love You Figure

Ribbon Hart

Touch  your Toes
Bowing to Love

The Catch

Reclining Figure
w/Snake-like Arms
Hart fish
Hart Fish
love fish
Love Fish
hand and Hart
Hand & Hart
hart with diamond form

Hart shield w/Diamond Form 
hart with a tale

Hart w/Tale
hart with a spiral tale

Hart w/spiral tale

kissing harts

Kissing Hart w/ ruby
kissing hart ring
Kissing Hart Ring w/ Pink Saphire 
model finger  doug's hairy pinky
not included
peek a boo harts

Peek a Boo Harts

Kissin Harts Necklace

Kissin Hart Necklace
lady picasso
Lady Picasso w/blue diamonds
and ruby hart mouth
i love you figure

I Love You figure w/gems
crossed harts

Crossed Harts
jester of harts ring bronze and silver

Jester of Harts  ring    
silver band w/bronze jester 
jester of harts

Jester of Harts   silver and bronze
love fish medal

Love Fish Medallion
hart fish

Hart Fish Medallion
ribbon hart collection

RibbonHarts Pendants

Hart Fish   silver
love fish
Love Fish  silver