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I Love U  Figure 24"H 
also available 17.5"H x 12"W x 3.5"D and  5"H & 3"H Study  © 2005       Serial Numbered Open Edition 

I Love You Figure

In a Golden Bronze

and Red Harts




This "I Love You Figure" Sculpture was an experimental color, which is available but the above bronze of red harts and golden I and U is the new and very exciting patina. It truely is on fire





I Love U Study
                             ILove You Figure Study 5"H
I Love You Figure
The Story © 2005 By Douglas Brett
How often 
have we heard these words
or even said them
"I Love You"
For love is the greatest force
in the universe
If it is directed in the right way
Since the beginning of time
the first creative fiat
Was about love
Music the highest form of art
sings of the joys and beauty of love
catapulting us to the higher worlds
where we baskin the greatest glory
of universal light and love.
"The I Love You Figure"
a refreshingly simple concept
that captures all the complexities of life
down here on this terrestrial plane
where we must learn to love each other
even our strongest adversaries
before we can move onto higher and more
majestic stages
of human development
in this vein
this sculpture was formed
from the cosmic ether
to help us and remind us
that our work
of loving one another
is not done.
It is truly amazing

  what a simple jumble of letters
     and a hart shaped symbol 
   can mean 
  To pronounce 
ones Hart-Felt Love
Everyone has a loved one
Sister  Daughter  Mother  Wife
Brother  Son  Father  Husband
Friends  and Lovers 
          The  Love of your Life
And most importantly
Thru the power of love
we must overcome great adversity
to finding
Our way back among the gods
in the shinning starlit heavens
If we all said
I Love You
We would have less problems
in the world
for the cosmic law states that
even if one person is unhappy
 we all suffer
 as one
the journey has only just begun
so  with this gift to you
and your loved ones
may love reign over you

         Thank you ? Douglas Brett

        I Love U Figure
                  A simple yet honest attempt at a universal concept of Love
a brotherhood of man

                                                                        Available in different colors
Douglas Brett
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