Douglas Brett           Bronze        Modern Life Designs                                                 9 Clown                   24"H x14" W x6"D              2001                    Edition 75

9 Clown just waxed and still hot from the patina session




The Nine Clown is this just a big salami? or a big crazy sculpture

A toothless grin

a man of passion

just an old Clown with no teeth

heh heh or hah hah

a bowtie of harts

what does it mean

a spiral a child of the womb

a number the highest number

an e backwards

many guesses will keep you guessing

a ring bolonga or just a salami

Its fun its absurd its rediculous its art its a dream come true

maybe someones nightmare no couldn't be

9Clown just a simple guy trying to make you smile

a toothless smile can't bite you just gum you to death

a Lovable guy heh heh hah hah

9Clown Always


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