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Philosophy 101

That is the Question? What do we do here at Modern Life Designs? What are we all about?      Does anybody care? Is it all Hype? Are we just trying to make a buck like everyone else.       Is that my purpose in life to make money? A life in pursuit of money?

All I can say is yes and no

to work in the materials that I use no question about it yes

If I think on a higher level spiritually no, which is the way I am inclined to go

Being a sculptor if I can call myself that a molder of men, an object maker, an image maker,      an Idol Maker

a person who molds a dead lifeless elemental metal into forms full of life, scintillating life, full of drama, full of dynamism, heroic and funny. The architypes of another world yet of this world, where dreams meet reality, where one thing changes into another over and over in an instant of thought. What are the responsibilities of a Sculptor? A molder of Men. To grab a piece of the higher worlds and freeze it in time, to show the world a piece of dreamtime to be the fallen mystic raising Cain, Alas one doesn't know

The History of time to study ages past, to place a context of our age, to comment on the moment a reliquary of a death laden ideal of the materialistic golden age of humanity with all the injustice and mean things we do to each other no matter how small, though thru it all the glimpse of hope and nobility that is still within our being, the god -like qualities that soar with the eagles, the magnificent, the divine that creates the awe and humility in us.

I could say like a Beatle" All ya need is Love" but thats to simple its to difficult to achieve at this time in history. The poets, philosophers, and upteem prophets have been claiming that message since the beginning of human history, the message is clear and one must tread on untill the day comes to humanity to take the next step, to be filled with overflowing Love, but untill then, one must keep remembering and calling to the wind, reminding ourselves of our true calling. To be a Sculptor true to history is a great responsibility, for me like, John the Baptist, in my work I am calling out forshadowing the New Golden Age of Love and all its joys it may bestow on humanity, working with the Noble Metals of the Ancients, for the Metals of the Earth - Gold - Silver - Bronze when polished shine bright like starlight coupled with powerful images send our spirits and souls skyward to dreamtime in a waking moment of whats to come

I like to think that is my mission the idea of the noble and higher aspects in each of our harts although we all fall far short of that ideal

But one Day maybe in a 1000 years we will make it

We are still at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Creating Serious Art is very important to me, eventhough I am working from a tradition of Modern Art that is long gone, when airplanes and locomotives and automobiles first came about and the artist of the time were caught up in the frenzy of the momment of the new age of industry and the great wonder of it all. I draw my inspiration from all these great Modern Art Masters like Picasso, Mattise, Henri Laurens, Brancusi, Gaccometti, Orloff, Arp,Archipenko, Subirachs, Mascherini, and many others. Theses were the Cubist, the Futurist, the Surealist, where forms and volumns, lines and rhythm, where balance and contours, deeper conceptual ideas ruled the day in the figurative arts. The classical academic styles were thrown out, tired reliques of the past. The Paris School of the 20th century, these were the pioneers and dreamers of a greater future, eventhough it was interrupted with a few horrors of inhumanity, that we are so good at. I cannot forget to mention the Great African Cultures where almost all the Arts of Western Civilization have its roots. Where the spirits run deep and overflow with Love whatever the circumstances may be. True Art that of the Living Being in all its glory, Sculpture is only a reflection of that Great Celebration of Life.

May you enjoy these Sculptures knowing the great joy I have creating them in

Celebration of Life

Douglas Brett

more to come if you can stand it!

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