Douglas Brett  Bronze   ModernLifeDesigns  
                                                       RibbonHart Figure     ©    2004     17.5"H x  10.5"W x 5"D             Edition    250

Pink Color




RibbonHart  Figure     Teal Color

This sculpture came about after my wife passed onto the
higher worlds and a friend and client whose wife
is a cancer surviver wanted a ribbon of some sort
 as a sculpture symbolizing cancer awareness
 I came up with this idea of a figure
 as a walking ribbon figure with a hart. 
This is a perfect symbols as a testament
 for the human will to survive
as well as  for your fund raising drive
for your organization
 As an abstract sculpture in of itself, a thing of beauty.
in its simplicity 
Color could be altered  to suit your occasion. 
 An Excellent concept piece
 that is different yet expressive of a serious 
issue. Ya gotta have a Hart
 Douglas Brett
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