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Bench Figure Study       2"H  x 4.5"L (5cm x 11.25cm)  ©1990

 Study for      Bench Figure      2"H x 4.5"L        ©1990
This small bronze study shown unmounted 
is available on a black marble or granite base
there are many positions that this sculpture can assume
           hand patina'd    

I call this the Bench Figure for obvious reasons
for it could work nicely as a bench in the appropriate size
and I also had to name it something
it has a nice arc 
and a dramatic dancing style
as a horizontal piece
an interesting sculpture
that has many views and positions
laying down on the side
or doing a back bend
you get to choose 
unmounted to play with 
or mounted in one position   

Open edition   signed by the artist with initials and © and date of conception  

                                          Bench Figure  unmounted                    $300.00US
mounted ona black marble or granite base add 50.00
                  California please add 8.5% Sales Tax                              25.50
                     Shipping  by Fed X Ground in US                                  15.00
other methods or international shipping please call or email for quote

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Prices subject to change   
      Patina's are unique to each piece
 Delivery can be from immediate to 12 weeks depending on inventory  
These small bronze studies are usually in stock 
call or email for availability
Custom orders welcome
 need this a bigger size for a special event 
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quality and originality guaranteed
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if not happy for any reason, unless custom ordered
we will try to make you happy
afterall this is what it is all about
beauty and the love of life 
and its evolving mysteries

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