Douglas Brett           Bronze        Modern Life Designs
Star Snake     2001            26"L x28"W x 8'H           edition size 100









Star Snake started as a simple line drawing. I was doodling as usual and when I looked down, there it was StarSnake, yes I said to myself quite please with myself if only for a moment. The Gods blessed me with a very original concept of such importance it brought tears to my eyes, really ! If you think about it, never in the history of humanity as far as I can tell there has never been a snake designed in a star pattern.  Now what that means I don't know I am just saying it seems important. The snake an important part of the first religion of humanity the Goddess Earth Mother Culture, it was the symbol of the Earth being one long alimentary canal a digestive tract we live because we eat and mother nature fed us well. Also it had other meanings , on the metaphysical side a snake could cause death but the snake represented resurrection the rebirth into the spiritual word, something about it shedding its skin. Death and Resurrection all cultures and Religions have their myth about this weather they except that concept or not. The serpent gave us permission to seek knowledge ,biblically Eve ate from the tree of life egged on by the serpent so in a sense humanity would still be automatons in the Garden of Eden living a carefree life. But for some reason humanity wanted more and were cast out of the heavens , now stuck on this earthly plane we must work our way back to the higher worlds doing this crazy drama on earth slowly evolving to the higher consciousness needed to attain that concept. So here we are the Star Snake a symbol of the earth yet configured as a star a heavenly body ,

Earth and Heaven a simple concept deep design        enjoy !          Douglas Brett


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