Douglas Brett  Bronze   ModernLifeDesigns  
                                                       WoW Fertility Fetish      ©    2007     10"H x  4.5"W x 2"D     Edition   250
               WoW Fertility Fetish Figure female           
Wow Fertility Fetish male
   Wow jewelry
WoW Fertility Fetish Figure
This Wow figure is a second generation Wow figure
utilizing the popular expression of Wow an exclamation of amazement
yet a figurative sculpture that harkens back to the age of the goddess
the first religion of humanity, I must point out it also spells MoM upside down
i know you are thinking that right now too. That is a good thing 
because the goddess is a mother also, this just happened to be serendipitous
it is amazing how things just come together, the gods really have a hand in human affairs
from the simplist to the most complex
where are they leading us now? thats a very good question
i just hope we learn before we get to roasted,
playing with fire one will eventually get burnt 
so the goddess is back in full force, the nurturer
taming the father force, forcing the war-like demons back 
into pandoras box
this is a powerful and special piece of sculpture and a concept
reminding us of our roots of humanity
in a fun and amusing way 
a modern iconic image 
that one will not forget
also available as a piece of jewelry 
in gold .silver.bronze 
from bronze $30.00 
silver   $ 75.00
Bronze sculpture  $1000. 
order yours today
Douglas Brett
if you like a piece that will create a dynamic action in people this is for you
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