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WoW Figure      ©    2006      34"H x  14.5"W x 6"D  &  15"H            Edition   150
wow figure WoW FigSide
Wow Studies 3

Wow Figures  Studies  3 Figures
center Wow     12"H x 4.25"W x 2.75"D
left Wow         9.5"H x 3.25"W x  2.25"D
right Wow       8.5 "H x 2.75"W x 1.75"D
Wow Figures Studies
From Left to right: 
The WoW Figures shown:
12"H    1100.00
9.5"H     800.
8.5"H     600.
7"H        375.
3.5"H     135.

34"H Wow Figure    price on request

15"H Wow Figure not shown yet
           price on request

  california delivery
 add 8.5% sales tax 
call or email for shipping charges
prices subject to change











Why Wow? a lot of People ask, well, why not, i ask you
a curious question to say the least, to be continued

this sculpture came about in 2006. i remember well, i was
staying at a very horrible travel lodge in phoenix in Early March, with my
girlfriend, we were attending several art fairs selling my wears
i had become very ill with the flu for several days, we had to 
change rooms, like three times, it was horrible the windows were
screwed shut, air conditioning was our only choice. well I guess
i had my drawing book out, and decided to draw something really
fast, and out popped the WoW Figure, it was quick and i said to myself
"look at this, a new sculpture a Wow Figure" 
was that the old cliche "if ya wanna sing the blues, ya gotta live em"
So the story begins there, thru great sickness comes Art, at least in this 
occaision , ya gotta love it.
So now what do I do with this new creation, I start thinkin all the inane
things this thing can be why did I create this thing, it is so simple kind of 
stupid, or ridiculous maybe corny is a better word, but I love it, it is so
universal, everyone says Wow "an amazing exclamation", it is used 
consistantly in advertizing, motivational corporate programs, acronyms
for many groups, "Gee, I gotta a winner I say to myself"  Well what's 
important is that it is original and innovative use of a common 
statement in a new way, that everyone can recognize, that is fresh,
and fun. and as a figurative artist, it was a perfect new sculptural concept.

so here we are back to: why Wow?
well it's a great sculpture, that's all
because people can relate to it's meaning 
by inventing their own personal story
i will have to say, most people go
it spells MoM upside down  "WoW"MoM" 

most importantly the concept for me
has become to live every moment in the WoW
Life is WoW, yes life is Wow
look all around, WoW is everywhere in everything
atoms are wowing all around
so from the most simple and innocent of concepts 
things become complex, as we explore lifes motivations
May a WoW Figure find a way into your hart as well
you can share the joy and wisdom 
i have felt discovering its mysteries
maybe send me your Wow poem
i am planning to write a book of Wows

                                 The Wow Figure
This artifact discovered  circa 2006.  By Douglas Brett from somewhere in the cosmos of bygone memory is a tribute
to the modern Pop Art movement.  One theory about this
piece from the Anthropological Society was that the people
from that age were living in a tumultuous time, people
shouting the end of the world prophecies, even the
government succumbed to this idea, waged war upon other
lands, amid all the chaos the WoW Figure Totem was
unearthed, a symbolic image that the people wore and
beheld to remind themselves that life is a Big WoW and
each moment should be lived in that moment of an eternal
WoW.  A state so profound that this conceptual image came
to the world for the people to behold and cherish with all its manifestations that they should not be diverted from their
true mission in the cosmos, to create WoW experiences
with one another in universal Love, Wisdom and Humor







wow pendant bronze

   WoW JewelryWoW Figures3.5-2
WoW Bronz SilverPendants

Wow-O-WoW   Pendants   
1.25"H  Small Bronze   30.
                       silver    75.
gold on request

2"H WoW figure Bronze  60.
                        silver    110.
gold, price on request
all come with leather or satin cord
silver chains available from $15. to 25.

also available custom earrings, pins, cufflinks, braclets,  etc.
california deliver add 8.5% sales tax
shipping add 8.00

prices subject to change

          Douglas Brett
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                                                          Bronze   WoW Snowflakes    under construction
wow snowflake

Bronze Wow Snowflake
4 small
4 large
wow snowflake
Wow & Wow goddess snowflake

wow and wow goddess snowflake
wow & wow goddess snowflake

Wow Goddess Square shape
Wow goddess Squaresnowflake
wow goddess snowflake
Wow Goddess Snowflake
female male
power wow snowflake
Power Wow Snowflake
power wow snowflake


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