Douglas Brett           Bronze        Modern Life Designs                   Woman with a Dog Face                  23.5Hx10Wx8D"             2001              Edition 75

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Women with a Dog Face A Walking figure

Well what is Man Wearing a Face doing here? They are a couple originaly designed around 1983 part of my early folk period. When I think about this piece, this represents a childhood memory another cartoon character the cohort of Tennessee Tuxedo who was Wally I think who was a detective. If you think about it, it is very dangerous to let children watch to much TV, Look what happened to me dreaming up nighmares of times past imortalizing cartoon characters in bronze. Creating Adult Toys. Its Pop Art at its best because it is at least a reinterpation morphed into a new a modern concept, verses a pop icon taken for itself as an idea about society and its ramification of human nature. There is a joy here of the celebration of inspiration the wonder of it all

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