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Large Skull Cuff Bracelet - Really a show stopper for someone who likes a bold strong look. We make these to order to fit the customers wrists. A broad Range is available.
Retails for $1300 - $2500
Tri-Skull Bracelet  - sterling silver
This has a softer feel since its links contour to the wrist. From a distance the design looks like roses or a floral motif. The bracelet has a bone clasp.
available in several sizes. retails for $800 - $1200
Extra Large Skull Ring  - with spessertile garnet eyes.
This ring is 1 3/8" long by 3/4" wide. Its a big ring, but amazingly enough looks very elegant on. We have sold this to women with a size 3 1/2 finger as well as a men size 13. A hot ring for the skull affectionado.
with spessartite garnet                              $650
plain with no gems                                     $325
with various types other gems from        $425 +
available in 14k gold plain                        $2000
Large Long Skull - sterling silver
This skull has a more anthropological look to it, and ancient early human being quality.
retails                                                          $285
gem eyes available                                   $100 +
14 k gold                                                     $1250
Small Skull Ring
We create many different sizes because our clients need a piece that is proportioned to fit them, and so we stock a variety of skull styles.
Beautiful 16 x 20 Skull photo
Custom color photo print signed by the artist  $175

note: We have very small earrings sold singly or as a pair. Size is 9/16 long and 7/16 wide (15mm x 11mm)
plain silver - $125
plain 14 k gold - $450
with gems - $100 +

The Skull Collection by Kathy Brett

became one because she was commissioned to design a bracelet, a mosaic of skulls so to speak. She labored for close to a year on the original design, and had lots of studies of small skull sculptures. We decided to make a ring collection, and for people who love this image it has become a very popular collection. Many people have looked for years for a quality skull ring or skull jewelry in particular, no where to be found till now. These are beautifully handmade by us, they are artistically designed , and they have a nice personality to them.  This jewelry can be worn all around, all the time, and not be embarrassed. The quality speaks for itself, it may not be some peoples cup of tea, but we have sold many pieces to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist, harley davidson riders, stock brokers, students, elderly women,even a lady superior court judge .They are just plain nice, that's all I can say. They are all signed by Kathy and copyrighted.
Available customized to you personal taste
more sculls to come on our site

Kathy is available to custom design your special idea all inquiries are welcome
Thank you Douglas Brett

Available in 14k, 18k Gold or Sterling Silver as Pin, Pendant Earing Etc...

All Designs by Douglas & Kathleen Brett  Modern Life Designs

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