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"Star Snake"    The Pendant       1 5/8" Long or 41mm Long    © 2001    

               cast bronze Large 1 1/2"W (40mm) $40.00 US     small bronze 1 1/8"W (29mm) $25.
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All Patinas are not permanent when handled.    The polished bronze one, shown with ruler, for size, can be maintained with polishing cloth or a cream.   It is the brightest of all the colors       Comes with a 30" leather cord.     Insured shipping and handling cost of $7.00 in USA     International Shipping will be Quoted on order.     California residence add 6.5% for Sales Tax.     All Star Snakes 100% guaranteed full refund except shipping and handling cost.                      Visa/Mastercard/AmericanExpress/Discover/PayPal/Check/Cash  excepted  

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Thank You enjoy your Cast Bronze Star Snake Pendants   An original concept and mythology for the modern world.  Its the perfect gift and a great value.    All made in the USA     Douglas Brett 

 StarSnake the Story

This was first discovered in 2001, by me Douglas Brett I was doodling around one day drawing a star pattern as I have done many times before and all of a sudden the idea pop out of my head and I said StarSnake!  and the concept became manifest.  So I immediately began to sculpture this piece meanwhile I began to research this new piece to see what it was about and why I made such a thing.   With all the history of the snake I new it was an important symbol configured with a star both an abstract pentagram as well as a hexagram, an ancient symbols with many early cultures.  For most art or talismans were generally done for religious or for spiritual reasons in order to bring good fortune while on earth and also keeping the connection to the higher worlds closely bound to human consciousness.

StarSnake the Story and Legend

StarSnake © 2001 By Douglas Brett
A simple design of unique and sublime beauty
Uniting for the first time in one symbolic image
The concept of Humanities Fall to earth thru knowledge
and the spiral path back thru wisdom to the Stars (Heavens)
our true home among the gods.

Background information
From the first religion of humanity
The Goddess Mother Earth
The lowly snake became its symbol
It crawled along the ground
It is one long alimentary canal, a digestive tract
We must eat to live thus the fertility of life

Sumerian -Babylonian Mythology (The Goddess Astarte- Ashtoreth, Queen of the Stars)
The mother of all souls in heaven. The Moon surrounded by her star-children,
whom she gave their "Astral" starry bodies
The Goddess cultures from Inanna, Ashteroth, Isis, Kali, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, The Blessed Virgin Mary
Which we celebrate each December 25th, The birth of the Christ

Many cultures and mythologies adopted the idea of
Death, Rebirth and the Resurrection of the Soul
For the Snake molts its skin and is reborn anew each time
The Egyptian mysteries and mythologies personifies this concept

Biblical mythology the serpent (Lucifer) gave Eve permission
To eat from the Tree of Life (Knowledge)
Thereby the Fall from Eden (Heaven)
The snake was the tempter
who gave humanity the ability for free will
to choose its own path
And thru great wisdom and love we must find our way
Back to the Kingdom of the heavens our true spiritual home
The early Christians were called the Lucifers (Giver of Light)
The snake a symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom
And the Christ said
"Be wise like Serpents and harmless as Doves"

This design is based on a triangle pattern reminding us of the trinity
the pyramid and the fire symbol
It is a spiral form for life is not circular
A circle repeats itself a spiral is a progression
As we move along the evolutionary path back to the higher worlds
Spiritualizing physical matter

The StarSnake contains an abstract pentagram ( Christian symbol)
and a hexagram ( Jewish symbol- Star of David)
It is also a 9 pointed star ( Bahai symbol of the 9 great religions of the world)
numeralogicaly the 9 is the highest number ,

It has 10 lines, a number associated with string theory  

The Star itself a Heavenly body
As the Hermetic Law states
"As Above So Below"
the Union of the Heavens and Earth as all encompassing
Star and Snake
A new and modern interpretation of the cosmic ideal
Using ancient symbology as a metaphor
To remind us of the quest to the higher self
A perfect symbol for anyone on a spiritual path
That will inspire the bearer to have great luck, beauty, hope and
Most importantly Love to their lives
Thank you  Douglas Brett

I will be adding to this as my research continues

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